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74 F7 carb info

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Is my carb correct?
Either way I need a working carb. Anyone? I was told it should have the round brass floats. My idle jet is toast and wont come out and my float adjustment tab is broken. Thanks
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It is correct. That is a later (74-75) F7 replacement carb (also came standard on the KE175). Its the "better" one because it has the plastic float that operates longitudinally with the length of the bike versus laterally as the brass float version does. There was a similar change when the F5 turned into the F9.

I have even more information here Kawasaki F7 model identification, Specifications & repair info

A complete carburetor will be hard to come by, but they do turn up on ebay (as a matter of fact there is a few up right now as of this posting). Be prepared to pay a lot for it. Do a saved search for it and a replacement float.

Try removing the pilot jet with a small long "easy out" you will ruin it, but as long as you don't tear up the threads you can put a replacement in there.
So it was a replacement or part of a running change during production? Thanks for the info.
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