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Well I've gone and done it. I bought another bike. SHe's really sweet tho'.
76 KZ900, 26K miles, Garage kept in Texas most of it's life.
Sooo geeked to pick it up.
But I have a couple of questions, hopefully domeboady can help.
Is this bike a 2 stroke?
A guy I know was spouting off tha he had one, back in the day, and it got poor mileage and had a shimmy over 65.Is this typical?
And finally, what kind of problems, if any, should I expect from this bike in particular?
I dunno how to post a pic of it here or I woulda.

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I found this on google hope it helps.

Year & Model '76 KZ900-B1:LTD
Color(s) Classic Red
Frame No. Range KZ900B-500011 - 505514
Engine No. Range Z1E086001 - 117973
Engine No. Location RH top crankcase, below carburetor
Cylinder Mark 903 cc
Cylinder Mark Location Front RH corner
Engine Type 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, DOHC, Air cooled
Bore X Stroke 66.0 X 66.0 mm
Compression Ratio 8.5:1
Maximum HP 81 at 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque 7.3 kg-m at 7500 rpm

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congrats- sweet bike 8)

i bet its a wheel off of a 650 - they had 7 spoke mags,but so did the 1300 i think
the 900's were laced

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KZ 900 LTD

If you just bought a 1976 KZ 900 Ltd you just bought a four stroke great bike. It was the bike of my dreams and last week I finally found a 1977 KZ 1000 LTD which was the next years model. The 1976 KZ 900 LTD is quite rare as it was only made for one year and then the engine size was increased to 1000 cc. I would be interested to see pictures of it when you you get it. One other question I have is wht did you buy it if you didn't know if it were 2 or 4 stroke. You have purchased my dream bike and weren't sure of what it was. I have been looking for that bike for years. The bike I did buy tho is in mint shape so that was a plus. You bought a gret bike and I am hoping to hear from you again.....Congratulations......Sheem
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