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LTD $ ?

Hello Phillip;
I've been looking for a '77 LTD;
Used to have one since new, but sold it in '85 for $1500.
Lately, I've seen them for $1800-$2000 on the low side and in good to very good shape, and I just saw one go for $2695 that was in pretty fair shape (paint was not the best, but looked like it wasn't dropped, and needed to be cleaned throughout - it had 16,000 miles).
And then there's the ones that are almost perfect that go for $3000 and up; but that's for the '77 LTD 1000 and the '76 LTD 900; both first series bikes that most likely command more resale value.
The '78 should be close in value, but I'm no expert on these "collector" values. What color is the '78 ?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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