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78 kz1000 many issues.

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i just got a 78 kz1000 ltd. its not stock. electrictronic ignition, accel coils, taylor wires, port and polish work, big bore kit, jardine header and muffler, black diamond stainless steel vavles, aftermarket clutches(the back of the manual says vaspro clutches, but couldnt find them online.) the wiring is hacked up (i need a good wiring diagram) it runs. it is now idling up to about 3500 and will sometimes drop to idle (1000). before it idled high for a lil bit then dropped. the exhaust did leak. fixed it. the number 1 intake leaked so i siliconed it. i sprayed the intakes and found no leaks. i have carbs off now cleaning them. they need adjusted bad. plus second gear is out. i cant get the rear brake pedal on. the spring is a bear. if anyone can help i will be greatfull
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the engine also ticks.. sounds like valves.. some ppl say its normal cause of the big valves but it scares me.
If one has cracked/split and started leaking, it won't be long before the others do it too. Ditch the silicone and buy new boots. It won't last and you don't want that sucked into your engine. These engines are famous for being noisy but if the bikes new to you it wouldn't hurt to check the valve clearances and cam chain adjustment. Good move to clean the carbs but be sure you get them synchronized after you get it back together and running. For those springs I make a loop of strong wire then hook the spring where it goes on the frame then hook the wire loop in the other end. Now put a wrench or hammer handle through the loop and pull up with both hands until it's high enough to go over the pedal. You may have to have someone help push the pedal on while you pull the spring. Once it's on just cut the wire close to the spring and pull the other end out from under the spring.
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Send it to Brothers Harley Davidson in Branford, CT with the title signed over to me. I'll get it running.
thanks stargate... i am going to bye the intake boots.. the ticking. i have a book with the valve specs in it. but someone said it might be different cause of the web cams. anyone use these cams. is there different specs if you use different cams.
i need to find carb parts.. i need floats.. 1 float is different then the others and i need a air screw.. the one screw on the side of the carb toward the top.. my buddy bought one and it wasnt the right one so he took it to the grinder to make it work..
where can i find an air screw?
Send me a VERY detailed picture of the carbs from ALL angles. I'll tell you what you have.
carb pics and a pic of the brake pedal mount..


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I figured with the list of the PO's mods, you'd be the proud owner of Mikuni VM29 Smoothbores, which is why your Kawasaki Parts Counter doesn't work. Ping Wiredgeorge for parts or Jeff Saunders as they are the GODS concerning those carbs. They are CRAZY DESIREABLE!!!

And YES, I have a set. Too small now.
when i had it apart the air screw in #4 carb was whrong and fabricated to work. and one of the floats was different then the others... the main jet was a 140. dont know what the other is... dont know what to turn the air screws out to.
when i had it apart the air screw in #4 carb was whrong and fabricated to work. and one of the floats was different then the others... the main jet was a 140. dont know what the other is... dont know what to turn the air screws out to.
Probably a good idea to send them to Wiredgeorge for rebuild. You will be happy with the result.
how much does synchin carbs cost?
I may be able to help you out on the brake pedal. Try leaving the spring off the brake lever, but assembling the unit and bolting everything down. Then take a large flat-bladed screwdriver, and put it between the spring and brake lever so that you can lever the spring around the brake lever. Be careful about the screwdriver slipping though. There's enough torque on it to gouge a hand or an eyeball.
i think i fixed the brake pedal problem... i bought a pedal spring and pushrod for it. it all came off the same year bike... i think the spring and pedal was wrong and the brake push rod was the wrong one for sure.
i started the bike the other night and it would idle high and when i go to take off it would die like out of gas.. later that night i started it in the garage and 1 and 4 cylinder header pipe was red.. so 1 and 4 is lean.. with the bigger jets and bigger carbs will it need a bigger fuel petcock?
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