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Yeah Baby!!
They was real fast, my dad use to race those 900s in the 70's. Back when I was a kid that is all I heard about. Always seemed to be atleast one on the road and one in the garage being disassembled or reassembled. He wrecked one at high speeds on the highway in like '76 or '77 and spent a long time healing, hasn't set on a bike since. He is amazed at bikes now with the top speeds and 1/4 mile times stock, and he'll hang out with me while I work on mine. I love hearing his stories about those old Z1s and comparing those engines to mine. If you see one in person they are really small for a 900cc. 1973 is the bad boys he says they either lessened the HP or made them heavier a couple years later can't remember which, but he said he only owned the ones from 1973 and maybe '74 because of that.
Some of those 750's where 3 cylinder 2 strokes, that would be a blast to have, it seems like it was the H2 just can't remember been awhile since I thought about any 70's bikes
Thanks for posting this brings back good memories.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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