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800A The Hard Way

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Hello Guys and Gals,
To start off with your bikes are awesome. I am new here, and attempting a bobber build, and although I'm not a mechanic, I'm pretty handy with the hands. That being said I hope you guys will chime in if you see me doing something stupid. Here is where I'm at so far, I put on a scootworks lowrider kit, dropping rearend 3 inches, and Im assuming I need to drop front 3 inches???? My next move is to cut the spacers in the front forks????,,This is where,,,, the,,, am I stupid part comes in. lol :oops:


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welcome, good see some new creative energy. looks like you got a lot of fun ahead of you
I lowered the rear 3" with the scootworks kit back in 2007 still low ridn. and 1" front with PVC spacers
I heard scootworks is out of business, where did you get the your kit, seems like someone was looking recently
Hi Dave, scootworks is where I bought my kit, and yes they were open two weeks ago,,, they did have to manufacture the part so it took about two weeks to receive it. When you lowered the front of your bike did you do anything other than spacer, such as change the shock oil or retainer clips that hold the caps on? Should I be concerned about anything else like taking oil out since i'm decreasing the amount of space inside the fork.

I bought the scootworks front lowering kit 2007, all it was was 3 pvc spacers 1"-3" you choose
I didnt change any oil levels or retainer clips, front is real easy to do compared to rear
later I did change out the fork springs to a improved set of progressive springs
Lowered the front end and did some painting over the weekend. This is my ******* spray booth in the basement. I hooked up a leaf blower with 3" pipe attached and ran out the window to get rid of fumes lol. McGuiver moment lol.<a href="http://s42.photobucket.com/user/klaskot63/media/20141201_190204_resized_zpsb81ddeda.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e343/klaskot63/20141201_190204_resized_zpsb81ddeda.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 20141201_190204_resized_zpsb81ddeda.jpg"/></a>
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Pretty much the same official paint booth I used...coat hangers and all. I had a harder time keeping the temperatures consistent and dust out than worrying about fumes.
Does anyone happen to know what this tank might have come off of. I found it in Florida at a little bike shop and thought it was cool. Hopefully I can use it but it doesnt have a petcock, im assuming i can use anything that fits??? Any things that i should be aware of or cautious of when changing the tank??

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your blacked-out wheels I like, what kind paint did u use?
I used SEM black trim paint. I cleaned the wheels with a red scratchy pad, sprayed with Bull Dog adhesive promoter, then trim paint which was a satin, the cleared with K2 gloss clear coat (2 part hardener in can). I really liked the trim paint, it came out very smooth without much fuss, the only thing im not sure about is the gloss clear coat, Im wondering if i should have stayed with the satin look, the gloss is pretty shiny.
clear can make a flat turn gloss.
Color-rite sells a 2 part matte clear, doesn't gloss
I used on my tank
I think Im really startin to like her..

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what size bars?
Longer than stock cables?
Yes unfortunately, I was really hoping to wish them longer, but I didn't work. I will probably have to buy those one at a time so it doesn't seem like I spent 300 bucks lol. Next on the list is to finish the rear fender setup, and mount the tank. Anything I need to know about the tank swap? Yours really looks cool. I noticed there was 3 or 4 hoses(drains/vents/and whatever else) hooked up to the old tank, this new tank has nothing but the petcock.
Here is my YouTube video on how I hooked up my aftermarket 2.2 gal tank Bobber VN 800 - YouTube
I removed all the EPA canister and the thermostat which a makes easier gives a lot of room for the fuel valve mounted on the left side of the tank
Did a little trimming after work, will have to start playing with some struts now
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