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i got this bike about a year ago and am finally getting around to try and get it running its in pretty good shape and the guy i got it from said it ran when he put it away so i cleaned the fuel petcock and the carb and am getting gas but i cant seem to get it to do more than just "pop" i did get it running for about 10-15sec once but havnt been able to since and my leg is sore from kick starting this over and over again which is frustrating because my 72 kaw g4tr 100 starts on the 1st or 2nd kick every time ive heard about people pulling the bike behind something in a high gear as sort of a "electric start" just to get it deflooded and running so it could be tunned anyone ever tryed this let me know if it works and what i really need is the carb settings ive tryed searching every where and cant seem to find them
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