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89 ZX600R C2 Smoke

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I have this bike that I got in a trade. When I start it and run it it blows white smoke out the exhaust bad. Are these bikes known for this problem? I was told that it sounds like coolant is getting into the cylinders. I plan on taking the engine out of the bike and making it a winter project. Is there anything that I need to look for with this engine. I have never rebuilt one of these and I have no idea if anyone makes a rebuild kit or not? I would love any help that anyone can give me on this problem.

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Ok. Anyway I am going to pull the engine apart. Does anyone have any idea at all what things need to be checked?
Pulled the head and cylinder off the bike. Number 3&4 Look like they where cleaner then 1&2. 1&2 had the black carbon color in the chamber in the head. 3&4 looks like they where wet and had some or most of the carbon washed away. I looked at the head gasket but did not see any sign of the gasket being bad.

I guess the next thing to do is find a shop that can mill the head and magnaflux it for me. I guess I will have the cylinders done as well.
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