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90 bayou 220 misses and wont idle good

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i have a 1990 bayou 220 that will not idle. When it gets warmed up real good it will idle, but very poorly. the idle is up and down. i have cleaned and rebuilt the carb. I have adjusted the pilot air screw to 2 1/2 turns out.(the kawasaki mechanic told me that was the best). the clip on the needle is in the second position from the bottom. the air filter is new. the only way i can keep this machine running is to increase the idle screw, but then it is way to high. The machine feels like it is missing when the idle is high. The bike runs great at 1/4 to Full throttle.
could The CDI cause this? I have tested the CDI with an OHM meter. In the Clymer repair manual there is a chart for what the reading should be. If i tested the cdi correctly, values in the manual dont match mine. the dealer wasnt much help with this.
The exhaust valve clearance seems to be with in specs. I could not check the intake valves clearance though.
does anyone have any ideas??????
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Do you know someone who's into electronic repair? Or have a local TV repair place? They could check the CDI over for any dry joints - something ECUs in cars sometimes suffer from, yet most get replaced at a cost of hundreds when they could be repaired. If you were in the UK, I'd happily do it for you if it were posted to me.

Something that was affecting the idling on one our Mule 3000s quite a bit was the fuel pump. When I dismantled it I found the contact points were in bad shape and one was worn down terribly. Some thick copper from some large fuse's legs (300A) ground down, soldered on and filed to the right shape made it as good as knew. Almost 2 months on and it's still fine (incidentally, did the same with the contact plates in the starter motor after it died and we just got a click when trying to start it, that was 4 months ago and still working great).

Other than that, excessively high or low compression, dirty fuel filters... can't think of anything else.
what did you ever find my quad is doing the same
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