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900 Classic Windshield

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I am looking to fit a removable windshield to my 900 Classic to help whilst highway cruising but am not sure what size I should go for. I am 6'4" and have fitted a Saddlemen Solo seat which sits me about 1/2 inch lower. I have read on various posts that it's best to look over the windshield not through it and that Memphis Shades seem to do the removable thing pretty well. The question is, what size??? 21", 19" etc
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Definately look over the windshield. I ride year round in the Portland area. When it rains at night, I would be completely blind looking through the windshield.

As far as height, I second the Memphis Shades site as a reference.

I bought a 19" Slim with the small (7") cutout. I am 5'8" and the shield is just right for me at it highest adjustment (there isn't a lot of room to move it). I would guess you would need a taller windshield.

The 7" cutout was too small, but I was able to file out the cutout and it looks like a custom shield.

I bought my shield from Parts 411. Best prices I've seen on the Memphis Shades windshields.

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