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900 Classic Windshield

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I am looking to fit a removable windshield to my 900 Classic to help whilst highway cruising but am not sure what size I should go for. I am 6'4" and have fitted a Saddlemen Solo seat which sits me about 1/2 inch lower. I have read on various posts that it's best to look over the windshield not through it and that Memphis Shades seem to do the removable thing pretty well. The question is, what size??? 21", 19" etc
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Go to the Memphis website and locate a local dealer. They should have a shield that is marked up with measurments. They hold it up where it would be and then you can get the right size. Make sure to order the larger headlight cutout. I think the options are 9 or 11 inch. If you don't have a local dealer I bet if you give them a call they can help you figure it out.
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