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900 Custom 2 inches lower-pics

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Opted for 2" setting. Not a real drastic change in appearance but definately noticeable.

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Looks nicer than stock, hows the ride feel? Have you had a chance to test it out enough yet?
Ride feels just as good as it did before. I can feel the change but it's very slight. Imagine sitting on your bike and just elevate your feet 2 inches up off of the pegs. It must look really cool in the turns because for the first time I'm dragging the pegs, but not hard. I had it installed last week but just snapped the pics this afternoon. The weathers been really nice here so every time I had a free moment I was cruisin. Covered almost 650 this past week with the bike lowered and I'm loving it!
looks great. is the sissy bar a cobra short?
I like how it looks. Nice job.
Did you lower the front. I put a Mustang seat on my classic and now on the balls of my feet. I want to lower the back and front 1" soon.
looks good
Did you say you had it installed?
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What kit is it? I didnt see you mention where you got it?

Geez man. Thats a sweet looking ride. Wish i had the money just to buy a custom for a project bike. I can think of soooo many things i'd like to do to it.
Glad it turned out for you man. :)
Wow PC!! That's a danm fine lookin scoot!! I do love different colors but ya just can't beat black & chrome!!:biggrin: 8) 8)
Looks great !!
It's a Scootworks lowering kit. I bought it used from Vindiana Jones(Thanks again Vindiana!). I didn't lower the front. I had it installed by the local dealer who charged $129.00. I would have done it myself but I didn't have the larger sockets or the jack, so by the time I bought those things I would have been close to the dealer cost for installation.

I really like the low, stretched look of the Custom. Lowering it seems to have added to the theme. If anyone has ideas on how to expand on that theme I'd love to hear them!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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