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I love my 900, but in the last 1000 miles or so the front end is riding rough and getting worse, it feels like a rock with no give and when I hit a bump it feels like It's going to nock me off.

Any thoughts on this problem?:( :( :(

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•Measure the oil level, using the fork oil level gauge [A].
Special Tool - Fork Oil level Gauge: 57001-1290
○Set the gauge stopper so that its lower side shows the
oil level distance specified [C].
○Insert the gauge tube into the inner tube [D] and position
the stopper across the top of the inner tube [E].
○Pull the handle slowly to draw out the excess oil until no
more oil comes up the tube.
If no oil is drawn out from the beginning, there is not
enough oil in the fork. Pour in some more oil, then draw
out the excess.
Front Fork Oil Level (Fully compressed without fork
Standard: 160 ±2 mm (6.30 ±0.08 in.)


Ahhh Crap
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If you hold the front brake lever and give the bike a good shove, does the front end dive, do the forks compress?
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