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So, I've been looking for a small handlebar bag for my 900 custom, but I didn't really want a big studded-leather man-purse on the front of my bike. Found this ammo bag at a local army surplus store. Just big enough to hold my camera, phone,wallet, house key and a backup emergency ration of chocolate Hostess Donette Gems. It has a burly velcro/snap closure so it won't fly open. It's got straps with snaps that could go over bars, but I just zip-tied it to the riser so it won't walk away. The guy said they sometimes get em in black, but I didn't want to wait for it.

Cost: about 16 bucks
install time: approx 60 seconds.
degree of difficulty: moderate. Installation requires one guy to install, one guy to squeal "FAAAABUUUULOUSSS!!!!"
I'm only one guy, so I had to do both bits. It took longer.
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