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900LT luggage rack fits oem back rest

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Just got my luggage rack from the dealer. CWI product that is quite a hunk of chrome. Fits perfect and a lot cheaper tham Kawi or an all new Cobra arrangement. Only 161.00 and 4 day delivery from Canada to Flori-duh.
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Sorry to leave so much confusion. The rack I'm speaking of , fits the OEM bar on the 900LT. No one has it in their catalogs, not the dealers or CWI web site catalog. I found it advertised in the "MOTOR CRUISER" magazine. Retail of 139.95. Any cycle or parts dealer can order them for you, just shipping and tax extra. It is part# 02-273. First grade quality. Instructions even show the 900LT.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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