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91 ninja, rolling throttle quick makes bike...

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hello, im new to the forum. just recently aquired a 91 ninja 600 (C) version. it was sittin in front of my frens houz for awhile. i made an offer and it was mine.i recently cleaned the carbs. it runs a lot better but a little rough. when i roll the throttle slowly its alright, but when i roll quickly,it almost dies, or hesitates, stutters, until the engine kicks in, or else it dies. any ideas. when ridin its kinda of slow up to 4rpm, but after that it pulls good. thanks for any input.
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your problem is not in dirty carbs.... there not in sync.... you need a sync tool that mesuars the air that each carb is sucking... there pretty cheap if you get a cheap one.... other than that if your not running hot, or dont smell like your running rich your probobly just do for the syncronizing, if each carb is sucking the same ammount of air, then there wont be one or two holding other ones back... witch is probobly what your experiencing :grin:
anyone know of a site online that goes threw carb rebuilding, or anything like or close to?.... ive already seen that site thats in the sticky at top of forum page, but dont really go into any details....
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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