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92 kx250 premix ? w/ Motul 800

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I have been running 32:1 I bought the bike used. I happened to grab some Motul 800 when I was at the bike shop last and mixed the fuel as usu...We've gone out a few times since and now it smokes alot and is ooozing black sludge from the seams in the exhaust. I recently flipped over and read the back of the bottle and in my best French it looks as if this oil is meant to be mixed at 50 or 66:1. My question is should I keep using this oil and correct the mixture to 66:1 or switch to a diff. 2 stroke oil w/ mixing instructions on the back of the bottle for 32:1?
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I'm leary of running 66:1 without adjusting jetting.
I would run it at the suggested 50:1. You wont need to change the jetting.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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