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Just joined the forum, helping a friend. He has a 92 ZX11.

He has a that cropped up and I am not certain where to look.
This is all via text message last night and I haven't talked to him on the phone yet today to ask more questions. Figured I would start the thread and see if anybody had an instant revelation.

Sometimes, the bike starts normally with choke and idles down when warm. ( all cables are lubed, and adjusted correctly with no change at the stops, etc) Other times, it will shoot up to 3K and run rough and not go down. Sometimes it will start and run normal for 2/3 of a tank of gas and then randomly, the idle jumps to 3K and the bike loses power and wont accelerate smoothly. Pulling in the clutch makes no difference.

He stated yesterday when it acted up long after it was warm and many smooth miles on it, that the bike started revving at 3K and the bike felt like it was in the wrong gear at K. (really high revs) Not sure if this was while it was running smoothly and then transitioned to rough or after a restart. He also stated that it would rev at 3K then drop to zero and then back to 3K and that the idle adjustment know made little to no difference.

Also, when turning on the key, he gets two red flashing lights on the dash. Is this normal? I feel like all this is some sort of electrical issue or a air/fuel issue. Curious thing is how random it is.

Only thing I know about the bike history is he bought it cheap, rides once or twice a year, and claims it has always been fine. Bike has 14K on the odo.

Any ideas?

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Ok, but other times he rides it and it runs fine according to post #1 "it will start and run normal for 2/3 of a tank of gas and then randomly, the idle jumps to 3K "

This randomness in my experience can be a vacuum leak.
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