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93 ninja 600R problem? Please help! out of ideas

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I bought a 93 ninja 600R over winter. The bike when it warms up will not go into neutral. So far i have put in a clutch (frictions and springs) and the clutch shaft was junk so i ordered one waited a month then just put that in tonight. The bike shifts much better now but still when it gets warm it will not go into neutral. And even worse now after driving it tonight for 15 minutes the bike will not go into neutral or any gear. When running, the green 'neutral' light is not lit but the bike does not move when the clutch lever is released. But either way when the shift mechanism is pressed the bike won't go into gear. Please help I am out of ideas. Next stop is a dealer....
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sorry, never experianced a similar problem. We were having a problem with a clutch cable stretching on a friends bike when it warmed up and replaced it that fixed it but yours sounds like a different problem.
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