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93 NINJA ZX600R no signal to starter solenoid

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I followed the wiring to the junction box with a probe and that's where I lose voltage to the solenoid. Can I by pass that?
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It was known as the GPX600 on this side of the Atlantic. They can be bought for under $100 but I’m not sure of shipping and import costs. It may be worth investigating though.

They weren’t very popular over here in the UK, only lasting two years (1988/9). They weren’t considered as good as the GPZ600 it replaced, the ZZR600 that came after it, or the Honda CBR600 which was released in the same year. That said, they were a very good bike, just not quite as good as the competition. Consequently, they can be picked up relatively cheaply and, more importantly, second hand parts are cheap.

If you are looking for something, it may be worth checking eBay UK as it may work out cheaper overall once shipping and duty have been added.
No, I understand that but the UK market is an option if you can’t find what you are looking for in the USA or too expensive over there.

I sell parts worldwide and have posted a piston/Conroe assembly over to Guatemala just yesterday.
1 - 3 of 67 Posts