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94 Kawasaki Zx9R front brake problem.

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Hi. I run the Motorcycle Search Engine. We try and help people find answers to their questions. I was hoping you all might can help me help someone else. His question:

Hi, Ive got a 94 Kawasaki Zx9R that the front brakes, when sitting for a few days, likes to lock up. I bleed them and all is good for a couple days. Air leak?
Glad I ran across your site. I'll be including it in my daily reading. I've also added your forum to my resource.


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LMAO !! i just seen this on CYCLE FORUMS and had NEVER heard of it in my 28yrs riding.
i guess certain compounds of brake pads swell/stick when there is alot of moisture in the air.

tell him to just rock the bike and it will break loose. thats all the guy on CF did and his is fine now.

like i said ive NEVER seen it or even heard about it till now. :wink:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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