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95 kx 125 loads up

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I have a 95 kx 125 it runs good if your on the gas and riding it hard but when you come to a stop and let it idle for a second it loads right up or even when your down shifting coming down a hill i took it to the kawasaki dealer and they jetted it but still didnt fix the problem I even have the needle valve as lean as it can go.IT smokes alot out the pipe also I run the mix 40:1....can you help??
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Either the float is not set to the right level or the seat could be worn out. I just had the same issue with my 250. The needle had some small garbage stuck to it and it kept the needle from fully seating. Pull the needle out and look at it in some good light and make sure it's clean and the tip is not cut up looking and it should still have the nice taper to it. If the needle is fine then the seat has something on the walls. Some seats are removable and can be easily cleaned out. If not then use a small plastic bristle brush or q-tip and clean the seat really good. Then with good light see if it is clean. The way to test it before putting the carb back in is to leave the bowl off the carb, hook the fuel line to the bike and over a bucket test it out by turning on the fuel and raise the float and see if it shuts off the flow of fuel. Keep working on it till your satisified with the results. You could even remove all the jet's, power jet, choke and what ever else you can remove and let the carb body soak in a can of carb cleaner over night and then blow it out with compressed air in the morning.
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when i put it in the shop the tech said the carb was in good shape and he rejetted it for me il do what you described anythings worth a shot..do you think it could be a dirty powervalve?someone said that could be the problem also.....I dunno
kx 125

Ok I finally got time to work on my bike I took the carb off and checked the needle the taper looked fine I also cleaned everything with carb cleaner took the bowl off hooked up the fuel line moved the floats up and the gas stopped coming out I looked at the jets the main was a 160 and now its a 155 and the pilot was a 42 and now its a 38 I kept the needle as lean as it will go cleaned the air filter repacked the silencer put the bike back together and it still runs the same maybe just a lil better but not by much i turned the air screw out 2 1/2 and it still bogs off the start until it clears out then it runs great as long as you got the throttle wide open.If you let it idle for about 6 sec. then twist the throttle back wide open it takes about 4 or five good pulls to get it to clear out...Im stuck
I put new boyseen reeds in the last time i did the top end that wasnt to long ago can they get messed up that quick? but no I didnt check them today.
I checked the reeds they looked good.I also decided to take the cover off the front of the cylinder and look at the power valve i started it up with the cover off it.there was alot of oil built up in there. it moved in and out when i gave it gas so I figure its working correctly.I also did it by hand and it seemed not to be sticking...then I decided to start the bike up with the pipe off and it didnt seem to be loading up much at all.but i repacked the pipe a couple of weeks ago but I was wondering at the tip of the silencer that is rivited on could be so full of oil and carbon that it bike not let the air flow through could this be a problem I sprayed some degreaser through it and it doesnt really run out the tip is that normal?
What does the plug look like? It could be a bad right side crank seal.
The plug is black. but I havent changed the fluid in the bike in about 4/5 rides to see if its burning the oil. but the bubble is still on the half way mark.If it was the seal would it use alot of oil?..when i pulled the cover of the cylinder for the power valve it was full of oil...
If the plug is black then it's either jetting still meaning lower the #'s or put the clip in the middle.

Best thing is to get a leakdown test to see if the if the crank seals are bad. If the test is good then start with a new plug and stock jetting and settings. When was the last top end job done?
did you say you have the air mix scrw was 2 1/2 out, i have a 93 KX125
that had the same probs, because of the wild temp swings here i run mine @1 1/2 out and with the colder temps it runs like a champ and stopped my
loading,smoking,spewing oil every where,
i know it sounds too simple but give her a try
I havent had that much time to work on the bike but i did figure out what the problem was so I figured I wouldnt leave you guys hanging.there was 2 problems. one was the jetting. that made it run a little better, but the main problem was the spark arrester was so built up with carbon that it wouldnt let the air flow out so it was really making it run rich. I drilled the rivits and pulled it apart and cleaned it with some oven cleaner.the bike rips now.. I just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone that helped me on this....:mrgreen:
Good to hear.
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