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96 GPZ no third gear or above

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I have a 96 gpz with 18k miles, I have only owned the bike for 4 days, I just did a ton of service on it. The first ride went fine, but now it won't shift pass second. It goes from 1 to n to 2 fine, then it will kind of get between gears if you try and go to third, there is no excessive noise at all please help me....
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You know we're going to ask this, so here goes ...
What service did you do -- especially anything related to the transmission or shift lever? Did you change the front sprocket? Did you go any deeper? And are you sure the higher gears worked before the service?
thanks for the reply

I changed both sprockets and the chain, new tires wheel bearings and all new fluids. Specificly the oil I used 10-40 synthetic blend motorcycle oil. I didn't ride the bike before that work, I only rode it after. And all gears where working. well up thru 5th was working, I didn't try 6th. The very next day nothing was change an it won't go past 2nd....
People have had problems with clutch slippage when they use full synthetic oil. Could be the problem?
Thanks for the reply, the cluch is not slipping its actually not going into gear, as if the bike only had 2 speeds. It takes no noise and is perfectly ridable untill you try and shift it into 3rd. I read something about a set of bearings that use centrifugal force to keep the bike from going in to gear when its going to slow. does anyone know about this. Tonight I was thinking of taking it closer to redline, and trying to put it in gear......
Thanks again for the reply, BTW this is only my second street bike so I am no a very experienced rider, at least not on the street.
better description of the symptoms

I can now get it to go past 2. it seems to go into 3rd, and then as I let out the cluch it stays in third untill I apply power then it slips back into 2nd.. I can get it to go into 4 5 and 6 and it seems normal. When trying to go into 3 sometimes it grinds when letting out the cluch like its in between gears. It does somewhat better at higher speeds. Please help, I really love this bike and I want to keep it...

how hard is that to fix, anyone know where to get a manual for this thing?
You can get either a Haynes or Chymers (sp). Try ebay first, I got a hardcover Haynes for $25 including shipping. If not ebay, I think a local dealer would carry one.
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