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how do I find out what parts interchange between bikes? I have a 1996 gpz 1100 & keep seeing stuff cheap for ZX-11s

like seats? wheels? brakes? bars?

I see alot of similiarities, but how to know if something will fit?

plus I see some sellers list both when I know there are differences. like seeing a steel frame advertised as a zx-11

the reason I am asking is I found some zx-11 parts I could score very cheap, but I wont bother if I cant use on the GPZ1100

one of my things is I would like to have spare wheels & tires, so most of the time if you want to go on a trip its easier to swap wheels than to switch tires around. I know of 2 sets of ZX-11 wheels.

dont know how many on here has done that? but I always had a set for the Harley ready for swapping. so like when tire is under 1/2 tread & you wonder if it will hold up for hundreds of miles of interstate, just swap wheels & tires. now when you get back swap back to old set & run them till its time to replace, then swap back to the ones you used for your trip & pop new tires on wheels with the worn out tires. & your ready with new tires already mounted on wheels to swap onto bike for the next trip or for next set of tires....

I usually went through 1 to 3 rear tires a year. & 1 to 2 a year in front & always had tires ready & waiting on rims, so I could pop new tires on bike in under 30 minutes. lol. I dont have the luzury of having a tire machine. & either I went to a friends shop to use his machine, or I use spoons to swap tires.

also I have seen a couple corbin seats for zx-11s but not for the gpz1100

so any interchange information would be appreciated.

Thank you,
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