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98 Bayou 220 Problems!

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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum but I'm having problems with my wife's 98 220 Bayou and I was wondering if maybe one of you might be able to help me out. We just bought it 3 weeks ago and it's in great shape, it's really been taken care of. Anyways, friday we were out riding on some friend's property and she was flying down a back road and she slowed down for some reason and the engine died. We got it started back up and it will run fine with the choke fully on or when you really got on the gas but when you shut off the choke or let off the gas it will stutter and choke and then die. It almost sounds like its flooding out or choking itself off. Checked her drainage tube coming off of the bottom of the carb and it was all clogged so I blew that out but it still won't run right and now it's getting hard to start. OH and when it does start, if you rev it up the muffler pops alot now and it didn't do that before. Is there a fuel filter somewhere that may be clogged or what else could it be? Clogged Jetting? Any help you guys could be would be wonderful! THanks!

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had the same problem...the jets seemed to be clogged...the carb is really easy to take off the fourwheeler...take it off and dissassemble it....take out the jets and air screw(remember to bottom out the airscrew first remember how many turns it took) then take the airscrew out...once all the jets are out clean the entire carb with carb cleaner...once you cleaned it out it also might be a good idea to blow compressed air through the whole thing..including the jets...then all you have to do is reassemble it and put it back on the fourwheeler...this should solve your problem
I had the same kind of problem and found that blow a small amount of air back up the petcock on the bottom of the tank freed up whatever was blocking and starving it for gas. There must be a filter inside the tank.
bayous carbs are a B*&%$ to rejet and get running right but it can be done. first thing u should do for it is buy a in line fuel filter for a 3\16 hose put it in the hose going into your petock this will save alot of time from having to clean the carb all the time. also take apart your petcock and clean it out and put it back together then you should be good to go.
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