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98 Vulcan charging system

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anyone have a wiring diagram? The battery is not charging, left us stranded everytime we leave the house, new battery did not help, any ideas?
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Start the bike, put a VOM across the battery terminals, you should get 13.5-14.5 volts.
Are you running a LOT of electrical items? Light bar, aux lights, etc.

Maybe an issue with the ignition switch, one of the alternators (there are 2 on the Kaw), or regulator/rectifier. For those, it's probably got to go back to the shop. But first look at the wiring at both rectifiers to see if they are chafed or broken.

I have a wiring diagram if you want it.

Good luck,

If you have Microsoft Word, I can email the wiring diagram to you. Le me know, or I could send as a .jpg file (file size will be larger). Just post me your email address, use the private message feature if you want to keep your email private. Assume you have a non-California model, if it is Cal, let me know that too. The wiring diagram is from a 2001 1500 Vulcan Classic service manual - it has 1500 N1~N2 (Canda and USA), 1500N3(Canada and USA), 1500-N (except USA, Canada and Australia), and 1500-N (Austalia) wiring diagrams. Let me know which one you need. These are small and hard to read but there is also another generic charging system diagram that I will send that may help you as much or more.

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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