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Is anyone here really knowledgeable on the ignition system of a C1? Bought a project bike with no spark. I have gone through everything and expect a bad CDI. Looking for second opinions.

All wires good no shorts or breaks
Pickup coil Ohm tested good
Cam sensor ohm tested good
All safety switches working clutch, neutral, KS
killswitch was dirty now cleaned tested
Grounds checked and tested

Ignition switch has been replaced with aftermarket no resistor. Had 12v on grey wire. Soldered in resistors to get voltage to 6v. (Did take almost 450ohm worth).

With grey wire at proper 6v I get 12v to the stick coils with key on. Seems the last thing left is the CDI as it seems to not switch the ground to the coils to create spark.

I also plugged the original ignition switch back in. It is busted up from someone losing a key I guess but they did manage to get it “on”. The original kawi switch (hopefully resistored) throws 12v to the grey wire. Bike will still not spark with neither the original key switch or the aftermarket (wired with and without resistors a at 6v and 12v respectively on the grey wire)

At this point I assume bad CDI

Anyone notice anything I’ve overlooked or suggestions? Thanks
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