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99 Vulcan Nomad 1500cc

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Hello ,

Just bought a 99 Vulcan Nomad, 1500 cc, with 28,000 mi.

Never had a shaft driven bike before, I notice that the vlaves are noisey is this normal for this bike?
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Not sure...

I have a 99 800 Classic and i have a little valve noise - not sure about the 1500.
I am sure some more knoweldgeable(sp) folks will chime in soon. I hear (read) about several folks who use synthetic oils though.

Hey how about some pics in the meantime!! :biggrin:

Oh yeah - Welcome to the board!!
yeah, we need pics or we can't even talk to you! :D

I have an 01 1500 Classic. it has 52k miles on it. The valves make a little noise, but not a lot. Just depends on what you consider noisy. You might try to find someone in your area who rides one also and compare notes with them.
Welcome AJ!

If you're not used to it, Kawi V-twins are noisy critters indeed.
There's a sticky somewhere on this board dedicated to this very topic.

Also as a new Nad owner, you'll find this page very useful,
(particularly the bit about the Plastic Oil Gear, which may pertain to your bike)

Gadget's Fixit Page For Kawasaki Nomad & Classic Modification Maintenance & Repair

Pics are essential!
Welcome AJ.
Welcome! Nice bike. I love the shaft drive bikes.

What a cool form thanks for all your input!!! Very Helpful....and Yes I will Post Pictures real soon, so that you will all keep talking to me..LOL
Skewterdewd thanks for the Gadget Fix It link great site

More Soon
Welcome to the mad house. There are some great people here. Can't wait to see the pics.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new, previously enjoyed scoot. Mine is an 03 with stock pipes, which means, if I had a noise coming from the engine, I'd probably hear it better than with a bike that has after market pipes on it. I honestly can't say I hear a noise on mine at all. Just a nice hum and thump while idling. As someone mentioned, the best thing to do would be to place it beside another 1500 Vulcan with the same type of exhaust, and listen to the difference side by side.
Welcome AJ! Mine's an '04 1500 and it is indeed very noisy. Lots of taptaptap-clickclickclick-rattlerattlerattle. If the engine sounds like that, it's normal.
Welcome, AJ. Nads rule.
AJ, Welcome to the forum. And...

That being said...my 2000 Nomad makes some of the most awful noises when I first start it up. But, after it warms up the noise goes away...kind of.
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