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A Compass???

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My favorite rides are when I just pick a general direction on the backroads and go exploring. Lately though, on overcast days when I can't find the sun, I wish I had a compass on the bike so I can figure out what directions I'm choosing from at an interection, especially after 3 hours or so and I need to head east and I take a guess. The road curls around for 25mi and I find I started north and ended west just in time to see the sun set and a vague idea I'm still in NC. I've seen one in JP Cycles that mounts to the bars, does anyone use one?
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Thanks Spok, that looks like what I've seen. I was hoping to find something a little less obvious but much smaller and it may be as useless as a toy.
Thought of that and I have a small unit that fits on my wrist but outside with polarized lenses on it can sometimes be a chore reading it and of course then I'm going to want the DVD player with the maps so I can really see where I am...I'll keep looking and may end up there.

I'm up by Falls Lake, drop me a note if you want to ride sometime or head on down to Scootworks to pick up some stuff.
Thanks I have a Garmin Foretracker I use much the same. I haven't seen anything else I really like so I may end up creating a mounting bracket for it that will allow me to mount it on the handlebars but stilll look like it belongs. It's wrist size and has some pretty neat features, just thought I might be able to find something I liked ready made. I'll post a pic if I end up doing this.
Okay I found a simple solution that is unobtrusive, actually looks like it belongs, passed the 80MPH wind test, iseasily removed if I decide I don't like it after a while and best of all cheap.

I found a rear view mirror mount compass at Wally World for $4.99 that has a round floating compass, a grey case on the front that is very similar to the brushed surface in the triple tree and is rounded and black on the back. I know it's plastic and it's only stuck on with duoble sided tape but it sits perfectly in my view went I look at the speedo tach and is small enough that it doesn't jump out at you and look out of place. I'll probably still try a mount for my GPS but I can leave this on the bike and if someone gets sticky fingers it won't break my heart (although I'd still break their fingers if I caught them). Pictures attached.
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