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A Compass???

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My favorite rides are when I just pick a general direction on the backroads and go exploring. Lately though, on overcast days when I can't find the sun, I wish I had a compass on the bike so I can figure out what directions I'm choosing from at an interection, especially after 3 hours or so and I need to head east and I take a guess. The road curls around for 25mi and I find I started north and ended west just in time to see the sun set and a vague idea I'm still in NC. I've seen one in JP Cycles that mounts to the bars, does anyone use one?
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I have a Meridian Gold GPS that I use for hunting and checking my spedometer on my old bike. I discovered my 800B was off 10%. Speedo indicated 77 when GPS says I'm doing 70. Anyway, I just set my location (home) before leaving and then if you have any questions along the way about getting home you just fire it up and it points you in the right direction and tells you how far it is away. It's a great tool. I have the "mapsend" function for dowloading maps from a disc that shows all roads in an area but I have not used it yet.

Hope this helps.
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