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A Compass???

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My favorite rides are when I just pick a general direction on the backroads and go exploring. Lately though, on overcast days when I can't find the sun, I wish I had a compass on the bike so I can figure out what directions I'm choosing from at an interection, especially after 3 hours or so and I need to head east and I take a guess. The road curls around for 25mi and I find I started north and ended west just in time to see the sun set and a vague idea I'm still in NC. I've seen one in JP Cycles that mounts to the bars, does anyone use one?
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I don't have a compass (yet) as I have chrome to buy instead but I have a Formotion clock on my bike, attached to the windscreen, it also has a clamp for the handlebars, but if I remember correctly, they make a compass too..

look at this link, is this what you want?

always like a good ending...
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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