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I am in the process of stripping and cleaning my 1995 KX250.
I pulled these jets out of the carb. They don't match what the procircuit exhaust web site says. They're smaller, but the bike puffs smoke like it's rich.

they have a weird looking "K" or maybe a messed up looking star on them then the jet number.
Main: 158
Pilot: 42
Doesn't match with: Pro Circuit Jetting Specifications

Next question....
Would you recommend the stock exhaust: http://s95974389.onlinehome.us/Pictures/Motorcycle/DirtBike/SDC10151.JPG

Or this aftermarket ProCircuit Platinum: http://s95974389.onlinehome.us/Pictures/Motorcycle/DirtBike/SDC10152.JPG

Both are dented slightly. I can probably get the dents out of the procircuit pipe with a stud-welder, a dent puller and a rosebud torch. But doubt I'll notice the difference.

Are my jets way off? Or just some weird brand that's different numbering system?
What should I be running? (rough estimate)

EDIT: The bike has boysen reed stickers on it. I'm guessing I should be in the 160 main jet range with 45 pilot?

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