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A heck of a racket!

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So, approximately 2 weeks ago I had to change the stator my 07 Kawasaki VN900 Classic LT. It's running great since then. This morning around 6:00am I fired her up to leave for work. As it's warming up I take my lunch and other items and place them in the saddle bags. I then climb on the seat and begin to back her out my garage being careful not to hit my brothers car. I got maybe 4 feet from the door when I hear this gosh awful sound that sounded like metal scraping together and appeared to be coming for the left side. I hit the kill switch to shut her down to inspect what went wrong. Only then did I realize that it was my air compressor had come on. Someone (I won't mention my name) didn't turn it off when they were done with it. With the VN900 idling and the compressor motor running, it sounded like the left side of my bike was coming apart. Sacred the buggars out of me. Roger
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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