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Radiator Cap situated under the gas tank 1st pic

Expansion Bottle Under The Right Hand Side Panel 2nd Pic.

Kawasaki Service Manual Text says:----

Cooling System

Coolant Level Inspection


* Check the level when the engine is cold (room or ambient temperature).
* Check the coolant level in the reserve tank with the motorcycle held upright. The coolant level should be between the “F” (full) level and the “L” (low) level (In the photo, the mufflers have been removed for clarity).
Front A
Reserve Tank B
Coolant Level Hose C
“F” Level D
“L” Level E
If the coolant level is lower than the “L” level, remove the reserve tank cap, then add coolant to the“F” level.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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