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Reprint from a
Sept 88 "Cycle" magazine article "Abrasion Testing: Torn in the USA".

Drag Test

"For the Drag Test, samples were stitched to a bag that held a 75-pound
sandbag inside a milk crate, then dragged behind a pickup truck..."

New, 100% Cotton Denim Jeans ----------------------- 3' 10"
Senior Balistic Nylon ----------------------------------- 3' 10"
Leather, Lightweight, Nude Finish, 2.25 oz/sq. ft. --- 4' 3"
Leather, Fashion Weight, 1.75 oz/sq ft. ------------- 4' 4"
Two-year-old 100% Cotton Denim Jeans ------------ 4' 5"
Cordura Nylon Type 440 ----------------------------- 18' 3"
Kevlar 29 Aramid Fiber, Style 713 ------------------ 22' 1"
Leather, Competition Weight, 3 oz/sq. ft. -------- 86' 0"

Taber Test

"For the Taber Test, the specimen was mounted on a rotating platform and
scuffed by two rubber-emery grinding wheels." The numbers represent the
number of revolutions until the fabric totally fails. A vacuum clears

Two-year-old 100% Cotton Denim Jeans 168
New 100% Cotton Denim Jeans 225
Kevlar 29 Aramid Fiber, Style 713 506
Cordura Nylon, Type 440 559
Leather, Lightweight, Nude Finish, 2.25 oz./sq. ft. 564
Leather, Fashion Weight, 1.75 oz./sq. ft. 750
Senior Ballistic Nylon 817
Leather, Competition Weight, 3 oz./sq. ft. 2600

More to consider...

"Finally, protection from road abrasion cannot be guaranteed by a
materials abrasion resistance alone. A jacket may have panels of
highly abrasion-resistant materials, yet if low-quality stitching joins
those panels and the seams come apart upon impact or during a slide, then
the abrasion resistance of the panels could count for nothing.
Furthermore, an ill-fitting garment may ride up in a slide, contorting
the body and exposing the skin. And the best jacket in the world, left
unzipped and/or unsnapped, won't give riders the protection they pay
for. When it comes to safety, the issues are more complex than just the
abrasion resistance of materials."

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I see this testing is 20 years old. The newer Cordura and Kevlars are much improved. I recently posted a thread on updated results.

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2012 Updated test from Motoport USA

I'm sure all have seen the Draggin Jeans guy behind the pick up truck video-kevlar sure seems tough

Draggin' Jeans Test Video - YouTube

They say don't try this at home=

But what about impact protection??

I see the Moto GP guys slide and get right back up so Competition leather sure works.

Great place for used leathers

Motorcycle Leather Exchange

Motoport studies this as they are gear maker who uses Kevlar cloth and corder-

The "Save Your Hide" Guide

Their Kevlar mesh is supposed to be the strongest out there. Kevlar stretch cloth next then Cordura and competition leather.

Motoport gear is custom made to your specs and is pricey but so is a day in the ER.
They have a lot more armor than any other maker.
I have jacket and pants and they are good from 30 to 100 degrees with the liner and a under layer of Nike under or Patagonia fleece.
Europe has set some standards that are explained with this article in webbikeworld-

Clover Tekno Jacket - webBikeWorld

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