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I would like to post this message as a "warning" Danger Will Robinson Danger!!!!!
to all those, like myself, that have purchased aftermarket bags with brackets.

Here is the story, I purchased as set of aftermarket bags off of E-Bay,brand name Rakaposhi, which included the brackets for my 1500 Classic. If anyone has these bags Please by all means check them out as there is a problem with them or to be more specific problems with the the attachment brackets.

Purchase and installed,everything fit very well, to well to be correct,as the tolerances between the steel frame brackets and the rear caliper was close.

After riding for a while I would occasionally hear a mechanical "clunk" in the rear, thinking that the air pressure in the rear shocks were low I made the adjustment still I heard the clunk from time to time especially when hitting a rough spot in the road and more so when 2UP. O.K. no problem Yea...........well I began to have rear brake issues. Hit the rear brake and nothing, would go right to the floor boards, pump like hell and get pressure back and have some peddle. Checked the brake fluid..Full, no leaks so possibly there was air in the lines. Did not all the time but once in a while was enough and into the shop it went.

Removal of the saddle bag to check indicated that the lower portion of the saddle bracket had been rubbing on the pin housing of the brake caliper and was almost through the housing. The tolerances were so close that whenever the rear shocks were compressed (going over a bump) the bracket was rubbing on the housing. This of course took a while and after 5K miles it was enough contact to do real damage, Aluminum (sp) Vs. Steel = hole A few more miles and I would of totally lost the rear brake

Cost me a new caliper!!!!!!!

The damage was so great that the dealership "red tagged" the bike and had an employee drive me home.

Sooooooooooooooo if anyone has this set up Please do yourself a favor and check the brackets, shim them out away from the brake assembly and save yourself a couple hundred dollars for a new caliper. Also any noise that seems strange by all means check it out

Lessons learned and passed on.

Ride safe
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