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Hi all, I need to replace the air filters on my 1987 Vulcan vn1500 and it has me looking for options to either clean up the stock air intake mess with an aftermarket kit (if available) or just simply get a K&N replacement filter for my stock air pod on my 1987 Vulcan. I tried searching for conversion kits or home-made kits in the vintage forums and here in the cruiser forums, but had a hard time finding anything that looked like it worked on my model. Since the 1987 vn1500A1 is the same to mid 90's (i'm sketchy on the exact dates) then I think this should be ok to ask in this forum (correct me if I'm wrong).

So what options are there for getting rid of the air pod and the air box on this thing? I see on the newer bikes that the KN style set up is located between the cylinders, but on my bike the intake is forward of the front cylinder. Do the aftermarket kits relocate the intake in between the cylinders on the 1987 model? I guess i could call and ask, but maybe you guys have some tribal knowledge that can help me out.

Also, if i decide its too spendy to do a conversion and keep the stock air pods and install the K&N air filter, should i expect to rejet the carbs? I'm not sure if the carbs have stock jets or not, the bike has aftermarket exhaust so maybe thats been tweeked already.

This is really thinking ahead for me right now, since i have the motor pulled due to an engine knock. I thought it was the cam chain slapping on the casing but after pulling the valve covers off it seems cam chain/tensioners for both cylinders look ok, so more troubleshooting for me there. In fact, pulling the motor is one reason why i want to replace the stock air box due to it being ugly, bulky, in the way, and a pain in the butt to remove and reinstall all the friggen boots! lol

So thanks for any input. Also, if you have any forum search tips that could help me find information easier I'd appreciate hearing them.


Here's an example of what i've found on the internet:

(Ear Shave Kits)

Kit TWO Kawasaki twin carbureted VN1500's Vulcans SKU 5871 Price $239.99

This is found under the "ear shave kits" section. It doesn't appear to come with any plumbing so I'm assuming its not replacing air box, so it would have to tie into the square boots that feed into the air box under the gas tank. It also has air block plates(?), not sure where these would go. Maybe its for the newer vulcans? What am I missing here?
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