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So I had to install 4 new O-rings for the BS-34 Mikuni carbs in my 1984 ZN-1100.
Since the dealer wanted $5.00 per O-ring, I sourced these from McMaster Carr at a cost of 5 cents each. Size is 2.5mm ID x 5.5mm OD and the cross section of the rubber is 1.5mm diameter.

The fun began when trying to install these little suckers. They are way too small to grab with your fingers and they need to be stretched from 2.5mm to larger than the 5mm head of the air screw. After trying hook picks, screwdrivers and tiny pliers I finally got the first one installed. It took about 20 minutes and I may have damaged the O-ring so I had to come up with a better plan.

I grabbed a short piece of 3/16" hardwood dowel and chucked it into a drill and filed a nice long, slender taper on one end. The taper goes down to just fit the 2.5mm ID of the O-ring. The O-ring can now be rolled up the taper, which expands it to 3/16" which is almost 5mm. Now it was a simple matter of bringing the dowel up against the head of the airscrew and rolling the O-ring off the dowel and onto the air screw. It worked fantastic and there is no possibility of damage to the O-ring! I also made a simple jig to hold the airscrew and protect its tip from damage during the install See pictures below.






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