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This bike was an F1 but with SU carbs and seats/tank off as works race bikes. They were designated TT in Germany.

Trevor Nation had great success racing Norton rotaries beginning in 1988. In 1990 he won the MCN TT Superbike championship.

Steve Spray first raced a Norton rotary in Oct. 1988. He won the Formula One race at Brands Hatch on a Saturday and the Powerbike International on the Sunday. This was after riding it for the very first time on the Friday. He also won the 1988 ACU 1300cc championship.

The P56 F1R was to be produced for race privateers. Initially 12 were to be produced, but only one non-functional prototype was produced. Specs included racing callipers and discs, six gears, and magnesium alloy wheels. Price complete only £27,000.

There was to be an F2 to follow on, but it never became a functional motorcycle. Two non-functional bikes were made in dark green metallic finish.

Engine 2 x 294 = 588 cc, liquid cooled
Power 95 PS (69.9 kW) at 9500 rpm
Torque 57 ftlb (77.3 Nm) at 7500 rpm
Compression 9 to 1
Carburettor Twin 34mm Mikuni BDS downdraft
Gearbox constant mesh: 2.571, 1.778, 1.381, 1.174, 1.037
Transmission twin simplex chain and O ring chain
Brakes Twin front 320 O Brembo disks, single 230 mm rear disk
Wheels MT 3.5 x 17 in front, MT 5.5 x 17 in rear, cast Al
Tires 120/79 ZR 17 front, 170/60 ZR 17 rear, Pirelli Phantom
Dry Weight 192 kg
Fuel 20 litres
Length 2.10 m
Width overall 900 mm
Height overall 1.11 m
Wheelbase 1.44 m
Ground Clear 175 mm
Production 140

i learned today that the mazda RX-8 engine delivers more power
per litre than just about any motor built today
roughly 183hp per litre :shock:

i never payed the R motors much attention - i will now :twisted:
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