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Another KZ440 LTD Problem

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Another problem has arisen with my project bike. When I give the bike more throttle, there is a noise that seems to come from the middle of the engine. It sounds like the camshaft chain is making the noise, as it seems to come from the lower part of the engine. I also had an old Toyota that made a similiar noise and low and behold it was the tensioners that had given up the ghost. I am wondering if anyone has had a similiar experience or noise and what it turned out to be. Also are there any external adjustments for something like that. I'm not looking forward to tearing the engine apart, unless I have to. Anyone have a clue what rebuild time is? The bike only has 11,000 miles on it, so I'm not sure that it is the chain, but the previous owner said it was run without oil for a short period of time. Thanks in advance for the benefit of your experience.
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What year is it?
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