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The time has come for me to get another bike. I was thinking of getting an 03 636, but I wanted to know how it holds up first.

This post is mainly directed towards those who have at least 10-20K miles on their bikes or know someone who does. How is the bike holding up? Any problems?

My current bike, 02 R6 has 37K, and I lost confidence in its reliability. I don't want to get stuck 250 miles from home the way I did a few weeks ago. :( Thus far, I've had a burnt out voltage rectifier, leaking battery, and 2nd gear problem (All 3 are ducumented problems on 99-02 R6s) and some leaks. I will probably use it exclusively as a track bike from now on.
Anyway, I wated to see if there are any known problems on 03 636s. I will probably do some trackdays on it as well... Is the stock suspension easy to tune in? Last but not least, what should I expect to pay for an 03 with very low miles. Thanks in advance for the answers, I don't know anything about this bike! :lol:
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