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would like to hear from any other triple owners.
my bike is a completly restored h2 in blue.
it was actually made in november 1971.
it was bought new in california and the owner had it a couple of years.
then it was puchased by a guy in dallas , who then moved to england to live and brought the bike over with him.
he then set about a total restoration of the bike which included a very well documented history of his work .
i came across a site called classic kawasaki which is run by a well known guy called rick brett who also runs the classic kawasaki club here in uk.
after a few frantic calls to rick he told me he had purchased this machine.
he sent me a few pics of the bike by e mail and i just fell in love with it.
i actually live in northern ireland so had to make arrangements to go and
pick up the bike.
it was well worth the trip and it now sits proudly in my garage
got it insured on a classic policy and have had it out a few times.
boy is it quick :D
forgot just how lethal one of these things is
anyway hope to hear from someone soon
cheers smokeyh2
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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