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congrats on the bike

Hey congrats on your new bike I sure miss my KLR, I spend a few months putting mods in for a trip out west into the mountains when some *&$^face stole it out of my driveway, cut the chain and all. I know it was the meth heads next door. Well long story short after I got the insurance money I rode a buddies 02SV650s and since most of my driving was city commuting it was sure nice to have a streetbike and the power was awesome. I still want another thumper though and miss it tons seems to have a rock solid engine and clutch. With a few simple upgrades you can make that thing into a tank great for the outdoors you won't be doing any motocross but you'll be able to go places in the city and county no other car and few bikes will be able to follow.

I think says it best

"A unique, under-appreciated Army Jeep of a motorcycle. The KLR650 will take you to every road on the planet, dirt or paved, no matter how remote. The 6.1-gallon fuel tank will get you back home too. Extremely reliable and fun to ride"
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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