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well, the bike was a bargain...and is soooo fast if you keep the revs above 7k and hit twisties. I rode a 2011 fz800 yami and loved and hated it. the z750s 05 I have has a leo carbon fiber slip on I threw some sliders spools and a heated grips and I have one of the most awesome highways/mountain road bikes.. I need a clutch (has 25k miles book says check valves at 26k...I know they are good but ill shim them anyways. amazing stability, looks, performance...I will keep it and fix the flaws...front forks...carbon fiber tire hugger/chainguard on its way to me, taller add on windscreen, dirtbike bars so hands don't squish on tank (mostly during my dumb m1 test)
I own a bike organization called top stop motorsports. have built around 100 race/stunt/mx/sx/sm/restorations
choppers cars u name it...it all has to be perfect for my style when its my bike. I hastily listed it for sale and focused my eyes on a zx10r but everyday I like this thing more and more.
hello kawi fans and mods
I bleed green!!!! my s is blue and mint...I paid 2k...don't ask me how I got that deal...a cbr f2 junkpile all broken guy wanted 1800 lol. thanks craigslist for popping up a better option than that last minute...I had my cali m1 test and neeeded a bike....this z is what I found and wow is it respectable. I eat ducatis all through mountain passes leaving the revs up so it rockets on the exits through the straights
nuff said. any questions?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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