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To anyone that can help me out. I purchased a VN 900 in 06 (the LT version). I love it, I put the VN 900 stock bars on (which are considered drag bars-direct fit) Cobra Exhaust with Dyno Jet Power commander which works really well.
I'm getting rid of the Goddy Windshield and backrest- they will be on ebay unless somone wants one of the 2.
I'm replacing the Winshield with a quick release style winshield. Keeping my bags, but using the Easy Brackets to take them off quickly.

My MAIN question is the backrest. Backrests can take away from the sporty look of the 900 which is why I'm going with the Cobra Mini or Short Sissy bar.
Anyone have the Mini????? Is the mini too short to where it doesnt hit the passenger in the small of the back??? The mini is sleeker looking than the short Cobra sissy bar, however I need to know if the mini is too short, I cant have my wife hurting or falling off. I noticed a pic of one member in here that has the short version- it looks very nice but would rather have the mini if its tall enough.
Thanks for any help.
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