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Anyone here ever tried making their own bike's body work?

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Well I need the full body for a 91 500ex, and I am entertaining the possibility of making one myself, is this a good idea?

Of course I do not have a mold so I probably be doing some eyeballing, what is the body work usaully made of? fiberglass?urethane?

If any of you could give some dimensions that could help me out alot.
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By the way are there any parts from a 250 that fit on the 500? Are any of the parts cross generations?
The Stock cars

The stock car guys buy the rolls of plastic like 1/8" thick 4' wide, and use a heat gun to form creases in it along with pieces of 2X2 or 2X4 behind it or rolling pins/pipes. it is difficult to get the body even. Sharkskinz and airtech both make great body packages for the 500R. Other than that Get some pieces and order some Carbon Fiber matte, like from Kennedy. It may be cheaper to make your own but it takes lots of time. a Winter project at best. Sharkskinz and Airtech will have you up and running in short time. IF YOU wanted to run fairly naked ther are the front shorty windshields in the back of most of the sport bike magazines. they cover your gauges and give you (the rider) some aerodynamics.

Then again you could call OZ CYCLE SALVAGE 785-242-0600 and ask Brad or TIM for it. IF he has what you need tell him to give you the Lindsey price. He's a neighbor, that owns the place
you can always try ebay for used pieces, painting is a lot easier then trying to make your own fairings
Hit a local Salvage yard

Go to a local salvagte yard and measure things out and see once you have the part out if it looks like it will fit. Measuring is going to get you in the ball park. Fiberglass is cool to work with using goggles and fresh glass and epoxy...sanding it down and even adding the mounts to our fairing for the bike...Plastic is cool because you can chop it up, and even heat up the edges and work it with a file and a hot air gun to make it look factory stock...then again Sharkskinz , airtech, arrow and several companies make full on fairings..and it's a lot less work...
where did you find sharkskinz? All I can find online is the zx6 & up bodywork. Thanks, Rick
Lockhart phillips USA also has some bodywork, not much but still something to look at.

My fav of their's is the Fast Glass Lowers

Also, I'd agree to checking local salvage yards and eBay. On eBay, just do a search for EX500.
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Thanks for the replies, I admit not really looking into pricing, how much do used fairings & etc. body work cost from the salvage yards?
makeing a replace ment lower faring

I'm still in the process of making a lower faring.
I made a plaster cast of the original faring and then fibered the cast.
If you want more info and perhaps pictures send me an email at

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