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anyone like muscle cars?

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i am a ford guy myself but i must admit, in the early and mid 70's, dodge had the muscle cars down! i like a charger myself, but wat do you people like?
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There was a guy here wanting to trade his classic '66 stang for a red ZX6R (cough cough crazy cough cough) I'd take the bike myelf, lots of guys here are into muscle cars, some one will be by soon.

did someone say muscle cars?.......................

i have a pontiac that likes to eat fords :twisted:

but i agree that mopar had it going on in the 60-70's
i was always fond of the 440 superbee pakage on the coronet
and of course the hemi-cuda :wink:
I owned a Smokey and the Bandit Edition Trans Am from '79, with a 6.6L motor under the shaker hood. I did some work to it (Edelbrock intake, Hooker mufflers, B&M shift kit, ignition mods) to give it a little more GO. The interior was nearly perfect, and the motor freshened up. It just needed some bodywork, headers, and a paintjob and it was pretty much done - after 3 years and $8000.

And then someone stole it :evil:

I also had a '76 Formula, built to the hilt by the previous owner but not in the right way. I spent more money and time fixing the crap he did than on anything else. I eventually sold it for peanuts to cut my losses. That thing was fast - when it ran.

Other faves are the Chargers, GTOs, Buick GSX, the 'Cudas, and of course, a 1972 Corvette Stingray. As for Fords, never been a fan at all (sorry!) EXCEPT for the '71 Boss Mustang fastback. I LOVE that car.
What I had from that era was a 73 VW van. Does that count?

For some reason (which I don't understand) I never got bit with the sports car bug. It's strange, because I like cars, and I enjoy working on them. But I never understood why a Trans Am was better than a VW. We both went 55 on the highway. It just took me a couple of minutes to get there.

In thinking about it now, I suppose that the Trans Am would be a chick magnet. That would be nice.

I have the same personality with motorcycles. What I love about mine is that it's such an efficient form of transportation. I've had it almost a year, and I haven't yet taken it on a joy ride just for fun.
1974 Camaro Type LT

I have 3 people interested in it, one in my home town wnats to even swap me for a new sportster ALL customized and completely decked out ( I can't ride because of my back surgery), one on Montana, but I don't have digital camera yet... and one from the UK that is serious enough to have worked out the details with me for purchase. I hate to lose my baby, but My wife is losing her last kidney, neds some heart work done, and I need a sport bike to do Physical Therapy, and For my own Mental Therapy. I'm on 100%SSDI and my mortgage is at $ 1,743 for my house and 10 acres because we nearly were foreclosed upon and have to pay back the personal Property taxes in a ten month period...and I seriously need the bike for playing with in the barn this winter. In fact if the wife has her mother here with one of her five sisters I may make the trip to CA and see the beaches, and visit the rest of her family. I have Navy buddies from Kansas, OK, TX NM AZ, CA and FORUM FRiends?Family that I could email and perhaps meet when I stop for the night and eat supper. AllI know is hta tI love motorcycles and I love cars, trucks, vans anything with wheels or wings...and if we get the farm thing working for us I want to sell out in 2 years and go to southern AZ for the remainder of my life. Maybe TX, because I have a little connection to www.studebakermotorcompany.com that May pan out fo r me in the motorcycle area, or even the racing devolopment team...
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oh and a VW

just for CURT, I also owned a 1968 Squareback VW stationwagon with balanced, blueprinted motor, it had an awesome engine with dual Webers custom exhaust nd would stop the speedo needle when it wrapped all the way around...had to sell it when I left Hawaii in 1975...I was really gentle on gas and it ran like it was on super man mode...
Curt, you obviously don't enjoy driving yes? A trans am is "better" because of its handling, acceleration, and top end. You haven't ONCE ridin you bike just to ride it? wow.......no offense, but your boring. poeple like muscle cars, sports cars, super cars because of their abilities to drive. Its more fun to have a Z06 Corvette because it handles much better, higher top end, accelerates. You must not enjoy driving, many poeple do, and that's why they have such cars, Plus poeple don't drive the limit, at least not here in detroit, the spped limit is 75, but everybody drives 85-90, ask soad, he lives on the street next to me :). alright, L8R guys and safe riding.

why does no one like fords? its a conspiricy! :x fords had it goin on in the 60's with the mustang and the fairlane. the torinos were kick ass too. nowadays, the mustang has the most bang for the buck! if you spend like a thousand dollars it will go MUCH faster. maybe even beat a viper. some people say that fords arent reliable, i never saw a stock dodge from 85 or before. around here, all you can see is old rusty fords that run just fine. i've had a ford aerostar from 1990. the only thing wrong with it is its air conditioning. and thats a luxury, not neccesary.

ford does make good cars-just not fast ones :twisted: :lol:

like foto said the 69-71 stangs were sweeeeeet :wink:

believe me my T/A chassis could not handle the power i'm putting down without alot of work and $ - but even stock the LS1 has alot of power that's easy to unleash-ford won't do it without a power adder(S/C) and i don't know why?they can :roll: -but i suppose it all about gettin hp anyway you can

my last ford was a 95GT (last of the 5.0 motors) and the car ran great but after fooling with a LS1 car i re-named it SLOstang :lol:

but i appreciate all cars if they go faaaaast and handle good,i can overlook a badge :lol: :wink:
brodie, you never see any dodges around here because THERE ISN"T A DODGE PLANT 3 MILES AWAY! think about it. you can only ask poeple around here, so how does that show what the sorld thinks? BTW a viper is much more aerodynamic then a new stang. I saw an issue of car and driver, where they souped one up with 39 thousand dollars worth of upgrades, and it stil couldn't beat the viper. Don't kid your self, vipers top out at over 190 mph, some come from the factory able to hit 200!. the new stang's styling isn't appealing to me either, back in the day they where sweet, but its just to played out for me, that's cool if you like them thou. and brodie, the Camaro can beat a Stang 0-60 and 0-100. check C/D's website. That's not even mentioning the corvette, which the new C6 has 400 horses :) . What I'm saying is the camaro has more bacng for the buck then a mustang cobra, in 2000 the mustang was 20 HP below advertised 320, so it was at 300, Plus everyone knows, chevy has the reliablity down pack, dodge has the go fast down (the SRT-10, 500 HP truck :twisted: ) here is trhe link to the C/D website:


Read that second to last paragraph, more expensive than a camaro, and performs the same, if not slower. BTW, here is a souped up mustang, and it still can barely go as fast as a Z06, whcih is slower then a viper, fo course.


you'd need to spend about 2 times the car's worth to get it as fast as a viper.

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ZX-10R Urza said:
Curt, you obviously don't enjoy driving yes? . . . You haven't ONCE ridin you bike just to ride it? wow.......no offense, but your boring. . . . the spped limit is 75 . . .
Boring, huh? Well, you just don't understand the excitement of spending an evening with your brother sitting at the table with some pencils and paper and determining the skewing effects of various rounding methods (less than 5 rounds down, 5 and up rounds up, etc.) Well, okay, maybe that's a little bit boring for the non-math types.

I do think that someday I will ride "just for fun." There's a couple of other Ninja 250 riders here in Minnesota, and we might go for a ride sometime. My brother-in-law lives in St. Croix falls, WI, and we've talked about riding sometime. But he and I both have work and families, and it just hasn't happened yet. Someday, someday . . .

I do take the Ninja as much as possible when I'm going somewhere, and I enjoy driving and riding while I'm doing it. I just don't do it for it's own sake.

Back in the day when I owned that VW, the national speed limit was 55. So it did fine. It's top speed was probably about 60 or maybe a little bit more. It wouldn't do for today, but it did the job back then.
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Curt, I don't think you're boring. You mentioned that you like your bike as it's such an efficient form of transportation - you probably ride it everyday, no? So do I. In less than 7 months I've added 8000 miles to it. It's a commuter ride for me. I have lots of fun riding it (ehhh, not always at the speed limit, admittedly), but I don't go on too many rides without a destination in mind.

My friend, an older gent with a 1500cc Nomad, is always trying to get me to go on some of his club's rides. My question is always, SO we ride 100 miles each way, but what do we do when we get there? lol

But Urza does have a point. People who enjoy driving for the sake of it, and know how to find a car's limits, will usually want sports cars. You might one day hear me say, as I often do, that people who are too concerned with the luxuries a particular car can offer do not, typically, know how to drive. The fun of driving is in the handling, the responsiveness, the abilities of the car. My .02 on the subject (.05 if you're in Canada).

About Fords... well I wouldn't want to turn this into a Ford-bashing thread, so I'll just make a comment and move on to something more positive. My first car was a Ford. It wasn't in the best shape to begin with, but it broke down every **** week. Later, I owned cars that were even older but somehow withstood the test of time - time with me driving them, that is :twisted: I also used to work on cars for money ('tis how I bougt my first SLR camera), and most of my customers were Ford owners. It always amazed me how flimsy some parts were, or how they were held up - like the fuel filter (!), held together with nothing but two crappy plastic "clips". And thus I started to dislike Fords.

But with that out of the way, Ford trucks are legendary for their ability to keep going even when all scientific reason says they should have been long dead. In fact, as much as I like a Chevy K5 Blazer from the '70s or '80s, I would consider owning a '70s Bronco instead. They're powerhouses that just won't quit.

And when Mopar is going off the far end with its new cars' styling (Have you seen the Crossfire? UGH!!), and GM remains boring as ever - though the new 'Vette looks much improved - it's Ford that's Geting It Right (caps intended). The retro look is definitely understood by ol' Henry, it seems. The new T-Bird is a sweet-looking ride, and have ya'll seen the '05 Stang? :droooool: Hell, even the new Explorer looks better than other SUVs in its class.

But just like a Harley, I still wouldn't wanna own a Ford :wink:
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Riding or drivin gjust for fun or even work is great and the risn't a car truck or bike that we have chatted about that can't be used for any of it...I'm not sure about the 125 cruiser, but it may even do 70 the Federal Speed LIMIT. I just wrote a thread on another posting an dBLASTED everyone for DISRESPECTING the 250R. Someone wanted to compare the 500R to it...hell the 600's weigh less than the 500 so they can jump in anytime they want to and get their butts waxed. A 250 will take on a 1300 on a tight twisty switchback road and whip it to tears as long as there are no straights...Most of the people on the FORUM are not into dragging their knees and accidently scrapping their elbows when riding hard, so I told them to just SHUT UP! THe Speed LIMIT is just that and the 250 will do the tripple digit which is way to fast to be riding...legally. So when I get blasted the next time I will direct it towards Kawasaki. The forum is for fun, facts, and information not for bashing and disrespecting. I'm not in a great mood with my wife in the process of losing her last kidney, and right now having an infection, fever and knowing that the date is supposed to be the end of September...and the heart surgery has to be done sometime in there as well. I'm definately cranky and about ready to get the bike out put together nad haul it out to where-ever and tell the people when I get ther to put-up or shut-up! I have enough riding experience , and the 250R is strong enough to clean up a 500 on a section of road of my choosing. I'm not stupid, or ignorant when choosing the track or section of road...it has to be switchbacks, narrow an no straights very long at all. One of those roads where 35mph and 15mph corners are posted...with the gearing changed on the 250R I'd be shifting through the gears and flying...A goKart track would be my choice for off the highway racing...I love tracks where it is safer, an gearing is a major factor (most of the group again is not into math and figuring out gears) "I GOT THE 500R" won't get them far when they start shifting and can't get past third gear...meanwhile you and I know about the gearing issues and what you can do and can't do...
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:lol: :lol: I hav a 92 Dodge Stealth twin turbo all wheel drive, a 92 Mittsu 3000 Gt VR4, and a first gen single turbo all wheel drive DSM. The VR4 is twin turbo all wheel drive ( for those who don't know) We race the DSM on the track but the other two we just drive for fun. The VR4 is pushing atround 330 HP top speed around 160 MPH. Plenty fast! :D
awesome lori, I hear you ZX-2R, Its just, poeple don't know what to think, its like half the poeple bad mouthing The Passion haven't even seen it. I have, kinda grewsome, but hey, that's the life of jesus. And don't hate the jews, after all jesus WAS a jew.
My life long dream car from childhood up until the present is a perfect condition 68 Chevelle SS 396.

Don't know if I will ever own one but I would still love to.
68 Chevelle

Look in Hemmings, and search the entire web..don't forget commas (,,,) are your friend when it comes to searching), aslo check out the Chevelle clubs, and chevelle magazines...

My 1974 Camaro LT my be sold...and, then I can pay off some bills get some house things done, and finish paying off my brakes and chrome for my 1951 Studebaker Commander State 2 door Sedan...( I would say Coupe, but the truth is that in 1951 it was called a sedan, and I don't know why.) I can then either try to buy the ZZR-250 from Canada, or wait and go through Beartooth next year...spending the rest of this winter redoing my Ninja250R. Perhaps in the process getting a trailer for it, yeah, like the H-D guys, because after I change the gearing and get her gussied up, she'll only come out on fair days, so I may be out in AZ, CA,TX for some short rides, she won't be geared for the highway, mostly tight winding roads, (AZ) ...not a cloud in sight. Should I ride her hard enough to blow her up, then we get inside real serious, with some work that only a few would understand...just lightweight, treated and balanced. I will post pictures of it on the forum, as I go through the plastic this winter. So I will definately need a road bike, to sample the roads and do cross country riding. I'm now retired, my wife will be retired, and selling the farm in KS will just about pay off a house in AZ, so our retired income will go much further, with a very small if any mortgage. I just saw a pair of Ninja mirrors that mount to the fairing vertically like bat ears would look on Batmans cowl...not only interesting, functional, aerodynamic, but aestetically pleasing to a bat person. Then a decent small block either Chevrolet, or Ford, but perhaps to break the mold completely a Turbo charged diesel...I guess it depends upon the rules of what ever state it gets registered in, it's either that or a 350 with dumps for Lakes pipes, the straight sidepipe on each side, and turbo mufflers for road cruising!
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