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A "kawasaki usb" search in google brought up this:

The USB key fob device – which is believed to be unique in the motorcycle industry - has been designed to carry such essential information as the motorcycle service history, dealer and customer added notes and such useful facts as recall information.

Activated via the internet as part of the process to initial Free membership of the Kawasaki Riders Club, the History Key is not intended to replace the hard copy service book but, as Mark Spiller of Kawasaki’s Marketing Department explains, to create an easy to access and updateable point of reference.

“The basic idea came about as a result of one of our regular dealer seminars. It was suggested that something like a USB stick could be a great way for both the dealer and customer to build up a digital history and have all the important information for a given machine in the same place.

We hope that this easy to access and update device will be as useful as the other elements in K.PAC such as Free membership of the RAC and Kawasaki Riders Club making the purchase of a motorcycle the most complete customer experience possible”.

Key features
  • Branded USB key fob
  • Issued to all customers as part of K.PAC
  • Recall data can be included
  • Service History stored - updated
  • Customer / Dealer Info included
  • Customer can add notes
  • Dealer updates when customer visits dealership
  • Customer activation via Kawasaki Riders Club member portal
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