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Ok, so I get my brand new '03 500r today. Been up all night, couldn't sleeep. I'm gonna go stand in front of the shop until they open.

Yeah it's a first bike. $4,250 for a brand new '03, not bad?

Fort Worth, TX
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sounds like you got a good deal, glad to have another texas rider.
Woohoo! Finally got it. Drove all over in the cold and rain. Got home freezing cold and dripping wet with a big ol' chit eating grin. :D
Oh please, come on! What's your definition of cold ? :lol:

congrats on the scoot!! :wink:

ride safe!
congrats man on the new ride... I know you will use it well...
Forgot to say in the first post it was an EX500.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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