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What I learned today is that it is dificult to advise someone about an issue when their profile information is not filled in. This FORUM is NOT going to be a POSSE out looking for you (maybe me after this message). Sometimes we will see something asked and to direct the person to a source is difficult. Do you live in Australia, Canada, United States of America, Germany, England...and where...? I was trying to advise a Fellow Forum Friend Facing Frantic Frustration Finding...of all things a wheel...not knowing where to send him. There are places that will relace wheels with different rims of all sizes using your own hub assembly...I think that what I learned is that UNLESS people fill in some of the (blanks) on here it is difficult to assist them. I know that the information is VOLUNTARY, but at least put in some "General Area" of where your bike is located, or that you ride. Maybe some idea of what bike you are riding and year...(we won't laugh at antiques)... Age is not a big thing, just a big number sometimes, and names can be shortened for some of us, like BOB...and leave the rest of the blanks empty...huh?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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